Pop Icons Never Fade - SOLD

(limited prints and variations available)

I have been living in the Hollywood area over the past 13 plus years.  A gallery I am working with asked me if there is anything Hollywood related that I could do on the side of their gallery they are opening up, I knew that Marilyn Monroe was a someone to start with because of her ongoing influence in pop culture, plus I have been wanting to do something with a vintage look and feel for a while.  As the art progressed, I started to find images of other pop icons, and tediously wove them into the details of the work.  As far as my collage work, I really feel like it is my most complex and interesting work to date.  It is 56×48 magazine collage, 3D Leticular, glitter covered wood working, and with abstract paint, however all the detail work is made from cut out pieces of paper.  I am working on a signature frame, that will give the work a very luxurious feel as well.  Stay tuned for Mural I am working on,