Zues The Boss

the 411

Brayden has been trying to assemble a series of works that are of the Popular Cultures of the world for a possible large solo show at some point.  He read The Iliad, by Homer in his youth, and was always inspired by Greek Mythology, so it was only natural for him to do a work that explores that topic.  He wanted to infuse some of the modern American Pop Cultural ideas like the embossed tattoo of Boss Dog, and the Cuban cut gold chain he is wearing.  Then he has the big beard, maybe there is a bit of a Rick Ross reference?  Who knows, he likes to mix in some different ideas along with the heavy mixture of art mediums that he utilizes.  The mixed media elements he uses was collage, painting, and lots of wood working with the cut outs of the different shapes to make it pop off the canvas.  The magazine collage work in the beard alone took almost a month to achieve. He noticed that a lot of artists will use flimsy materials, especially when trying to achieve a 3D quality to their works, on the flip side you will notice Brayden's works are build on a sturdy wood structure, and have a lot of layers of finishes on to really make the works into something of not only quality, but value.  Then on this work Brayden built a one of a kind frame, added in some tinted mirror plexiglass over marble texture, wood cut outs covered in gold leaf in the shape of lighting bolts, and lightly utilized some Ai imagery in a first of its kind unique way using Mid Journey, that had only been out a few months at the time of construction.  Brayden appreciates works that have strong construction value, along with conceptual idea and the continuous refining of old modernistic ideas in the post, post, post modernist area (artist poop in a can and banana taped to wall are 100 percent conceptual idea, zero construction based to give some context).  With that being said, he feel like the amount of AI he used is that right amount sprinkled in to still merit what he considers to be a solid well rounded work of art.  As a mixed media artist, he definitely has a bios opinion in the usage to a certain degree, at the same time isn't necessarily impressed with the herds of new artist fully dependent on the technology, with some of them through relationship, or being apart of a collective of gate keepers that has green lit their AI art and have allowed to flourish and make tons of money on a minimal amount of effort behind the works.

Thousands of people got to see it on display at the Scope Art Fair in Miami Florida during Art Basel week 2022.

Size 48x74




Digital Infused Augmented Reality

Click to see the AI Generated journey programmed by the artist.