Mixed Culture

the 411

This art was created as a dedication to some of the exciting cultures of the world, and because he is a mixed media artist he plays into that with the name Mixed Culture.  Braydens artwork ties into Pop Culture in many different ways like his portrayal of a lot of pop icons, so he decided to do a work that would tie a bunch of different cultures that exist in Pop culture in general, and are the mainstay of what would be consider Popular cultures world wide in the cultures he chose to include in his large mixed media work.  He put African, Japanese, Samoan, European, Egyptian, and many more cultures into the work that tie into his vision.  Each component of the work is a cut out sculpted, and carved in 3D, with many layers, and it is an incredibly complex work that is hard to really get a good grasp of by just looking at the photo of it.  The first big showcase of the work was at the 2022 Scope Art Fair Miami during Art Basel week.

Scope Art Show Video

Digital Infused Augmented Reality

Click to see the AI Generated journey programmed by the artist.