Left Right Center

(limited prints and variations available)

With the work Left Right Center (the actual tittle of the work is a diagram with the center crossed out see image below) Brayden takes a look and some of the imagery that has seeped into the Pop cultural sub conscious.  The double solute represents a commentary on how politics have been so divided from left to right in recent years, and how the center seems to be disappearing, thus leading us into stalemates were we don’t seem to know what side to go to.


The artwork is very dynamic in it’s construction, and it is hard to verbalize what is going on, so Brayden made a video that you can watch to get a more 3d perspective of the work click here to view.  It is 70 inches wide by 48 inches tall and about 6 inches deep, and it is built into a custom frame.  There is LED lighting wired through out the piece, and a 4 channel WiFi enabled LED control system is built in that you can access through an app that you would download on to your phone.  It is is built on multiple 3d layers, so each component comes off of the canvas up to 5 inches, and that is the hardest bit of info to relay with out seeing it in person.  One of the most complex aspects of the work is the LED light Stars that sit on either side, and they are constructed into infinity mirror that give the view the perspective of great depth when looking at them.  Another cool aspect of the work is the lenticular vortex images used in the eye glasses, that the too gives the work a greater feeling of depth.  See the image below to get a feel for how it lights up when you turn it on.