First Stop Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn Tribute – SOLD

(limited prints and variations available)

In this work Brayden takes one of the most popular Icons, and movies in pop cultural lore Breakfast at Tiffanys staring Audrey Hepburn and tries to make it into the ultimate take on the subject as a piece of Pop Art.  The work is made up of magazine collage work over abstract paint, on a canvas made from wood with the words cut out FIRST STOP TIFFANYS.  The collage work is made from a bunch of books Brayden found on the life and times of Audrey Hepburn, along with recycled magazines, and he even found a specific book about her work in the famous movie Breakfast at Tiffanys.  Then built into the works is a large collection of original Tiffanys boxes, packaging, and different Tiffanys related items Brayden collected before starting the work.  You can see all of that play out behind the words he cut out of the canvas, and he closed it off with plexiglass that was laser etched with design work.  There is even a 2 caret ring inside in an original Tiffanys ring box, but unfortunately the ring isn’t a real one, but it defiantly looks like a real on though, lol.  The frame was a full custom frame that Brayden wanted to embody a fresh new take on what a high end in the Modern era art frame would look like.  It has a bunch of genuine Swarovski crystal implemented in different areas, and had a large amount of wood working that he painted, and covered in hand laid gold leaf.  He even went as far as to do some fun abstract paint work on the sides of the fame.  The last thing he did that made the work unique, and fits into some of the techniques Brayden is known for is he collected a bunch of fun broaches, and jewelry, flat back plastic pearls, and glued it all into the different areas of the work.  He even cut out shapes of wood, and collages flowers, butterflies, and different media, so that all the broaches and jewels he collected blended in spatially with the 3D nature of the items being attached to the work, along with the gloves that he also cut out of 1/4 thick wood.


Size: 58×84