Warhol The Game Changer - SOLD

(limited prints and variations available)

Brayden like a lot of people that lived through the 80’s couldn’t help but see the influence Andy Warhol had.  Now with the celebrity culture, TMZ, you name it, people really have seen Andy Warhol was ahead of his time.  He said in the future everyone will get their 15 mins, and to a certain extent that is coming true with all the reality TV shows and stuff.  In 2016 at an art show Brayden was doing associated with the LA Art Show, he met a photographer/artist named Karen Bystedt who not only did a big show about her Amazing photographs of Warhol called the Lost Photos Of Warhol, but really figured out how to team up with a lot of other artist (one example was Chris Brown did a collaboration with her) to expand her series in this super unique and fun venture that has gotten a lot of traction.  Then she put on this amazing Gallery Exhibit together in downtown LA next to LA Live that will be up will 4/01/17, and it is also going to move to NYC when the show finished up in LA.  The work Brayden Collaborated on with her was his attempt to really bring out the essence of Andy, in a full color spectrum sort of way.  There is Collage, abstract paint, sculpture, Lenticular, and a bunch of other mixed media elements to make it really fun for the art viewer.  Size: 40×56

UPDATE: Since posting the outline of this artwork it is currently being displayed at the Gods Love We Deliver building in NYC on 6th ave.  Also the night it arrived in NYC they were holding a charity event, and it was seen and profiled on Vogue.com, with the famous NYC Socialite Pat Cleveland striking a pose on it.