The King

the 411

I was really inspired by the recent Elvis movie, and always wanted to do an Elvis tribute piece. The other thing is I have been wanting to go more back to my roots, and really do something where my collage work is literally in your face on full display. I also sold some art to the owner of his original hand signed contract, various other items he owned, and the main car that he drove with photos and other things to prove it. I gathered photos of these items, and also with some books I purchased on him, started to rip things apart, and reassemble into a recognizable close up image of him looking into the camera with that Elvis gaze. I did abstract paint in the background, and hand cut words out of gold in my signature style, and collage them over the paint work. The tedious part was the hand cut out pieces that make up the words Love Me Tender in the upper right corner. It is funny how you meet people on your journey, because I even randomly met a nice lady that says she is the eldest daughter of the king. BTW, the frame in the image is a mock up of what I think a cool frame might look like, currently as of today 1/2/2024 it is frameless.