Keep your ART WORK nice and FRESH


Where you put the Art

Number one most important in maintaining an artwork, is to remember heat, and direct sunlight especially will destroy art.  If you ever want add protection, you can always get a UV protecting Varnish to cover over the art every 4 or 5 years, so that it maintains for a lifetime and beyond.  If you do that, and there is some resin covered elements attached to the art, keep in mind the wet looking shine might be lost.  If you want that to stay how it is in the shinny areas, try not to go over that part with the UV varnish.  I like to go over the resin areas with a little baby oil on a super soft cloth, and that will also add a little moisture back into the resin to maintain it, and keep it looking shinny.   Also before applying anything, make sure to get the dust off of the work with a damp cloth. Then if you can keep it in a cool dry place, that would be best to also maintain.  I try to build the works to last using sturdy materials, but a little maintenance, and thoughtfulness on where you put it isn’t ever a bad idea.


The works appear to built into the customized frames Brayden is known for, however they are meant to be separate from the frame, so you can swap it out if you have different ideas on the framing style.  The backing that holds up the frame is also independent of the art and the frame, and are not glued together giving you the option of swapping stuff out.  Maybe you like what I put on the backing, but you want a more ornate frame, you just unscrew the back around the frame.  Or, say someone is moving the frame, drops it and damages it really bad, you can stuff unscrew art off of backing, and reframe.


If by some remote chance any pieces attached to the work come loose after years of being out in the world, I recommend using high gloss mod podge to seal it back up.  Last is feel free contacting me any time, and if you would like to commission me to work on something, let me know.

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