The Artist Brayden Bugazzi

Official Artist Statement

When I first approach a work, I look at it how a programmer approaches encryption, I strive to create something rather complex that would be near impossible to duplicate. On the Macro scale the works that I create delve into the essence of a smaller story with in the larger context of a greater story line when looking at the work further back. A good example would be the story happening on a street corner in Los Angeles, then when the viewer pulls out to an aerial view they might see a bigger story going on when seeing the entire city. When you look close at the thousands of images I use to create my collages you will understand. A lot of my works also examine culture, and I like pay tribute to some of the figures that have had a great impact on popular culture in general.
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Scope 2022 w Logo

He was born in Ca in the late 70’s, then grew up in Boulder Co, and moved back to LA in 2005 after graduating from Herberger School of fine arts at Arizona State University.  He Worked as a photographer since moving to LA, and eventually branched off into art as his main career after years of people getting to know his work on the local scene in and around Los Angeles.  Through the years his work has been seen in Museums, homes of A list celebrities, some of the biggest art fairs in the US, and in 8 countries over 3 continents.


The thing that he take the most pride in with his Art is the money he has been able to raise for different charities like St JudeChildren’s Hospital LAUnicefGods Love We DeliverTeen Cancer America , and Ronald McDonald House to name a few.


The NFT he donated for Teen Cancer America and the auction they are doing is still live, click the link below.  Also check out the Spaceman I did on their front page, the screen shot is the link to their page:


Bachelors Degree in Fine Art Photography at Herberger School of fine art Arizona State University

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Check out this video

I compiled a bunch of videos from different events, and shows through the years.