Aspire II Greatness

the 411

I grew up always admiring Gianni, and when I heard of his untimely death, I was heart broken about the circumstances.  I felt like it was a loss, and I thought he would be the perfect person to be in my next A Loss series of works.  I build them out of loosing Scratcher tickets to symbolize what a loss their untimely death was to the world. The Process First I bought a bunch of scarfs, and 3d printed items like the Medusa heads on Etsy, and painted over them with different tinted gold leaf's then placed them in the corners of the frame.  Over the words I had laser cut, I glued the fabric on, and tediously cut it out to give a nice texture.  On the face of the work, everything is cut out of wood by hand, and collaged over, only the words, and mirrored plexiglass were laser cut.  For example the ring, I cut all the patterns out of thick gold paper, then collaged over scratcher tickets with a light coat of gold paint over that.  Then I even cut out some plexiglass, painted on it, and put it behind the main ring, and put the wood medusa head over that so it feels like it is floating over layered abstract paint and collage work.  I even incorporated some of this new AI technology, in the sunglasses I did a digital composite of what the AI gave me about Gianni, then I put over wood, and covered in a thick resin. When I think about how much time I spent on it, I get a little PTSD to be honest, lol.  This work is like mixed media Artwork on roids to say the least.

Digital Infused Augmented Reality

Click to see the AI Generated journey programmed by the artist.