Beauty and the Grime

(limited prints and variations available)

48 x 65 photography, digital compositing, 3D lenticular, paint, light box, with black nickel plated bolts holding two large and thick pieces of plexiglass together.

This is the work that revamped Braydens Art, and kick started a new path in his life.  He was interested in printing some of his fashion photos in 3D lenticular, then his mind started going and he wanted wanted to build a cool frame around out of thick plexiglass.  Then he created a dynamic image of a model on the edge of the sea polluted with oil and smoke stacks.  Of course a cool 3D lenticular image needs an awesome light box, so he started collecting tools he needed to accomplish that.  At the time he was living in an RV blocks from the Hollywood walk of fame that he went broke remodeling to use for his photography business, so he rented a small work space to create this work.  Unfortunately it cost him a small fortune building this work, and it was hard to market to the galleries because all they see is a scantily clad girl on a beach.  He showed it at a small event that he teamed up with the BG Gallery of Santa Monica at an art venue in Malibu, but other than that showing of it is most likely destine to remain packed away in his garage.  The good thing is the knowledge that he gained from building this work, and the golden apple, landed him a large commission to do a work for the Dallas Cityscape, and the money from that job is really what launch what you see today in the Galleries.