A Mixed media artist in Socal

Brayden Bugazzi

He makes complex mixed media Pop Art oriented works that have caught the imagination of people in all spectrums, featured in 9 countries over 4 (North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania) continents since committing to working professionally in the craft since 2010.

Brayden Bugazzi is a artist based in the Los Angeles area who makes art inspired by Pop culture, and different aspects of human culture.  His works are mixed media, but the foundation of his work is collage, and one of the main ingredients in his art is recycled materials primarily from magazines and books.

Video Page


In this video, I did a fun edit of the different shows, and fun things I have been involved in the past 5 to 10 years click here to see more videos

Video Page

In the video you can see a bunch of my works I have shown at the LA Art Show the past few years.  I added in some detail videos, that zoom in more for people who may have not seen my work in person. Then around 6:20 in the vid I showed the final destination for the First Stop Tiffany’s work I sold at the show.