Robin Williams - A Loss

(limited prints and variations available)

This is where his career got started, the first Mixed media Artwork he made was Lets Fly Mr Micheals in 2011, and he sold that to a collector from Denmark.  From that he tweaked the idea, and made a new variation called Letz Get Jet Set Mr Palmer  (he is an Music Icon, and the idea is the girl is one of the models he featured in his music videos from the 80s and 90s).  The gallery he worked with in Santa Monica, and in Aspen ran with the idea, and sold several of the different original variations.  One example as see in the image gallery below, he did a City Lights variation.  He even did a Elton John Variations too with crystals built into the Sunglasses.  It has been seen on gallery display in Santa Monica (as seen below, on Ocean Blvd), New York City, Spain, Aspen CO, and even Shanghai China.