(limited prints and variations available)

The mural is a special mural, because it is his second large mural to have LED lighting built in, then on top of that he used collage, and abstract paint to create the subject of the work while tediously outlining all of his collage work with black paint. He was inspired by the memory of the first time he drove up La Cienega when he moved to the West Hollywood area around 13 years ago, and that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm he had, and still has as more people warm up to the work he has been building for quite some time now.  He wanted to inspire the new people moving here to always DREAM BIG LIKE THE ELEPHANT!!

The reason why Brayden feels that the people in LA would take an interests on this type of art, is if you look around the world, from the Lights Festival in Australia, to cities in Asia that glow.  There is a move internationally to make interactive, and vibrant art that shines bright.  This work was based on a photo by Irina Malik of Maria Shadchina.