Give Me My Spaceman

(limited prints and variations available)

This is the giant 7 foot tall free standing artwork that I built as a fun experimental mix media passion project, that explores a wide range of different mediums in art.  There is mirrored plexiglass, collage from books and magazines, massive amount of wood working, with many built in layers, and layered in all the wood working is LED lighting.  There is a computer system inside that runs a 55 inch LED screen that plays animations by a list of talented artists like Mike V – Uon Visuals, Reinfected Me, and Lucius James.  Then when you walk around the back another world opens up created by artist Steven Galle on LED and Laser Cutting, Randall Byers – Fine Art Bling, and upholstery was Abreva Gibney.

Brayden was invited to send some images into space through OWC on a Blue Origin flight, so he sent up the spaceman, and he even got a certificate from the company. Then to top it off it spawned an entire NFT project called Give Me My Spaceman on opensea click here to launch. It was launched at the Context Art Fair during Art Basel week in Miami, and also was seen at the big Art Market Art Fair in San Francisco in 2022.  Update 2024, we are literally going to the moon on the Luna Prize Moon Museum click here to learn more.