Gigi the Geisha Girl

the 411

He decided to add a work dedicated to the life and artwork of Frida Kahlo, because in Art school he remembers how inspired he was when he heard about her story of difficulty, and that inspired what she created in her works.  He was always fascinated by the life of Frida Kahlo, and what she had to endure while getting her message out into the world.  Brayden is know for the wood working that he attaches to the canvas, mostly has been sunglasses related, but he has been looking to expand on that.  In this piece he added some jewelry in, and flower that he cut out of wood, and fashioned to have clean rounded edges, so that the work is durable and easy to manage.  The work is made up of his collage work primarily from recycled magazines, but he added other things in from recycled materials.  The background is made from abstract paint work, and he purchased some books and magazines about Frida that he would glue tid bits about her life into the structure of the artwork to give it an all encompassing view on her life.  For the frame he took his classic style frame with the tiles, and textured application that he covers the wood with to give it a unique custom feel.  He expanded on that in the frame and added large groved wood working to the corners, then painted with abstract paint all around the edges to really hit home his artistic vision.  He had a lot of fun putting it together, and hopes his viewer enjoy it too.