the 411

I built this work as a fun tribute to the legendary song by Prince called Party Like it is 1999.  Leading up to the big date, and turn of the millennium, you would hear the song playing and start to fantasize about how epic the parties would be that night.  Then when the big night came, you heard the song playing on every dance floor in the country.  Now when ever I hear the song playing I think back on how much fun I had, and how cool that period of my life that was.  I used a lot of different processes to build this work, for example the figure of prince is cut out of 1/4 wood, along with the sunglasses, and the custom frame also has a lot of wood working in it.  Then the collage work is on thick card stock paper, and I collaged more recycled magazines and different media over to fit into what I am known for as a mixed media collage artist. Then hit it home with one of my signature super custom designed one of a kind frames.  I even build a fun NFT out of it in after effects, that I am going to program into an augmented reality presentation for whom ever purchases it, or views it as up coming art shows.  It already was launched at Scope Art Fair in Miami 2022, and got a lot of tractions from art enthusiasts.   Below is the digital art movie I put together, check it out:

Scope Art Show Video

Digital Infused Augmented Reality

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