King of Pop KHBW

The 411

Brayden built this new version of his original MJ based on the fashion and styles by designer Sir Keith Holman, and the late Bill Whitten .  Keith was so impressed, he gifted Brayden a piece from his actual glove, and he incorporated it into the glove on the artwork.  The Jacket was also based on a Jacket that they built for him too from candid photos Keith showed him, to give a greater essence of real Micheal Jackson.  Brayden created a unique custom frame around the horizontal octagon shape of the canvas.   The resin in the sunglasses glasses is 3 layers, and each layer has different painting and collage work to give a subtle 3d effect.  Many elements like the glove are cut out of wood, and he tediously covered the glove in hundreds if not thousands of crystals.  People who are familiar with Brayden's work will recognize his collage style, and if you are to look in the details you will see the pages of different articles, and content Brayden found of Micheal's life from books, etc..  One of the examples is he cut out every song MJ ever produced, and incorporated it in the details.