Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Tribute Art - SOLD (limited prints and variations available)

the 411

I always appreciated Karl Lagerfeld's persona, and contribution to fashion, on top of loving Chanel.  When I was working as a fashion photographer, I was always a fan of both the rise of prominence of Coco Chanel, and how the Chanel brand has been a force in amazing fashion for so long. I was even having a conversation with a friend the other day, and we were talking about what a great artist he was, and how beautifully he drew.  I felt like it all came down to the little black dress, so I decided to do a work that was more black and white, in contrast to my regular more colorful works, however I created a second variation that has color infused into the background.  I was sad to hear about his passing, and I actually was hoping to meet him some day, so instead I decided to do a real indepth artwork to honor him and his life.  I put all sorts of fun tidbits about him, and his like in the construction of the work with my crazy collage work for the 10s of thousands of pieces that make up the work.  I also wanted to experiment with my wood working, so I cut out the logo seen in the background out of 1/4 thick wood, then put a backing on it.  Then I filled in the space of it with resin, glitter, and black jewels, to make this background that is very dynamic, original, and pleasing to the eye.