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This commission was for the home office of Rev Tech Venture Capitals home office in Dallas Texas. I recollaged the city over cut out pieces of wood, so that it was in 3d dynamic layers with LED lighting built in.  Then I built the background on my abstract paint work, and collaged metallic cut outs in the fabric of the work with stuff that is related to Dallas Texas.  Last is I built my signature frame around it, to give it my signature look as an artwork.

WBC Champ Deontay Wilder aka The Bronze Bomber

Commissioned by his wife Shuntel Swift famous from Wags on the E networks for a special gift to him, that would be the next level of being thoughtful.  She set him up with celebrity photographer Amanda Westcott, because one of the action shots from her shoots with Deontay made for a the dynamic structure for a sports art that could really be unique and special.  Brayden created many layers with the art by cutting out of many pieces of wood, and covering it with collage, paint, and gold leaf.  The first thing he did was paint an abstract painting in the back that meshed with his Bronze Bomber Alter Ego.  The thing he was really proud in the design would how the belt elevated off of the canvas, and he used thick layering on the top, so all of the flags, and detail popped off in 3d, then he tediously went over all the colors with glitter paint, so each one would glimmer in the paint.    Then he did a unique one of a kind frame to give the work an even higher feel of sophistication, and elegance.  The best to get a full feel for the work is the video he posted.

Dallas City Center

Through the years Brayden has completed a large number of commissions in Art for things like a couple that wanted a cool work to put up in Their Miami Beach mansion, and others like some New Yorkers and people on the East Coast that wanted something with a Cali vibe.  However the biggest commission that kick started his move into art was for the Dallas City Scape Lego Exhibit in Dallas Texas.  It was built on a large light box he put together, and featured a large amount of 3D lenticular images, that Brayden tediously created the 3D effect on digitally. Then assembled it all so that there was light color, and creativity, and it ingrained an ability for him to think on a larger scale of complexity with what he created. At the end of the day it was a massive undertaking, but the reward was amazing, and the seed money from that endeavour allowed him to continue creating art.

Broncos Super Bowl Champs

The last commission that I wanted to profile was this work I did for a Brocos Super Fan.  It is hard to describe, unfortunately there was no video made of it, but all the elements of the work are 3d, and multi layered.  The football is sculpeted, and each layer comes off of the canvas an 8th of an inch.  It is created from all sorts of Brocos images past and present, so it really embodies everything Broncos.  I thought this was a fun thing to profile, so people can see some of the commercial application of what I am able to do.  This photo below taken at an agle shows a little better the 3D effect.